Insult to injury

What is it that drives some people to the point of being so completely bitter and nasty that they feel the need to insult others? Are they attempting to bring everyone down to their level? Are they trying to elevate their own stature by doing this?  

I have watched a person from a safe distance, over the past few months become so bitter and nasty, a person who is never happy, always in a foul mood. I have watched as they lashed out at others and been so incredibly mean and downright nasty, that I can honestly say- I don't even know who they are anymore. As a friend- it is sort of a 'duty' to try to stop them before they fall. Are they one of those 'toxic friendships' as discussed in another post? Certainly.  At some point, you have to distance yourself from the 'toxic friends' in order to maintain your own sanity.

Like beggets like.  Their negativity attracts negativity. Things will go wrong, it will spiral as it circles the drain and escalates. Their world revolves around the drama which ascend's to climax at their annual, self induced, red carpet Pity Party Royale.  Costumes are a requirement as they never reveal their own true self- even when looking in the mirror.  Their world is one filled with untruths, smoke and deception. Eventually their insults may indeed lead to injury, as their own power of self control slips away. They grasp at straws as they fall from the pedestal they believe they are on. 


  1. It's perfectly okay to end a friendship just because you don't like that person anymore.

    But, it could be way more fun to demonstrate to them... you could maybe choke yourself, complete with a lot of gagging sounds, and then fall to the ground. Don't give any further explanation though, just get up and walk away.

    It'll probably be more dramatic if you save your laughter for later, when you're alone in your car.

  2. I agree with Vixen, if you no longer know, or like the person, let them go. Sad but that kind of nastiness and negativity has no place in our lives ,it is draining. I guess at some point though it might be fair to tell them why, and let the chips fall where they may

  3. It's hard but I agree. There's just no good that will come from allowing them to poison your life as well.

  4. Years ago, I listened to a professor from the University of Michigan's Depression Center give a talk about mental health. One of the most powerful things I came away with was the idea that each and every one of us must do whatever we can to protect our own mental health. It IS a fragile thing and you must absolutely be vigilant in preserving it.

    Separating ourselves from toxic and destructive people is not selfish. It is a matter of survival.

  5. The older I get, the less I tolerate this type of person. Absolutely no patience for it. Life is too effin short.


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