What was that like?

Relationships often start off with feelings of excitement and giddiness. We look at someone and suddenly we start planning our future together with them.  They do things we find irresistible and the floodgates of swooning open up... WIDE!

Sometimes this lasts a month or so, for others it may last a few months or a year, but eventually the metal parts lose their shine and the silver starts to tarnish. Even gold and platinum get dirty and the luster begins to lack. 

Couples either adjust, tough it out or throw in the towel. Is it possible to manage a 'recovery' and bring things back around to what they were before? Not likely when feelings have been sacrificed, one side has been taken advantage of and there is no remorse to be found in the land of the living... 

When the partners are equal, things happen naturally. There is little to no effort involved with doing things to please the other. They listen, they know, they trust and they understand. Often things are shared without a word being spoken.  Having that connection with someone else is a blessed feeling.

There are no arguments, no debates, no rash discussions, no scoreboards and nothing done for the purpose of irritating the other person, just because you know it will. There is no trying to boost someone up while knocking them down at the same time. No 'stealing their thunder' or trying to take credit for things you had little or no part of accomplishing.  There is no 'recreational' alcohol, drug or medication use to numb the experience of the other persons mere presence. 

I have had the privilege of a few blessed unions in life. No jealousy, no intimidation tactics, no stalking followed by prying line of questions that would make an MI-5 background check pale in comparison. I have also had relationships where I was placed on a pedestal and adored, fawned over and eventually smothered.  Calling it off? Some people may while others would relish in being constantly lavished with gifts.  If it suits your fancy, enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. You know I think none of us want the "romance novel" we just want a peaceful and loving coexistence with someone we can love and trust . Not that much to ask really but damned hard to find sometimes


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