Ebb and flow

Some of us like consistency in life. We like order, routines and things to be planned out well in advance in order for it all to go smoothly. Others crave spontaneity. Bolting for far away places on a wing and a prayer.   Either side has to accept there will be things that cross over.

For those wanting the 'constant' things in life, stuff will happen that interrupts the schedule of daily plans. Stuff breaks, traffic accidents cause jams, people get sick and you need to direct your attention to resolving these matters before you can go back to your 'normal' routines. 

The spontaneous group has to realize there are specific deadlines in life that are to be met- rent or mortgage, car payments or at the very least utilities and car insurance bills need to be paid. Routine maintenance on your vehicle needs to be done, annual medical and dental checkups, but other than that, you are free to do as you please.

Some of the consistant people are so rigid in their schedules there is no room to budge to add or change anything. It just doesn't happen in their world. They may even forget to allow time in between things and seem to run from one thing to another.

Some of the spontanious crowd- the only thing consistent about them is the nomadic and often transient way of life they seem to lead. They are often blown about by the winds of constant change and nothing is ever set in stone, of course until they are laid beneath one.

So just as the tides come in and go out, we have to maintain some amount of flexibility while still meeting our deadlines and following some kind of a schedule. It's a consistent give and take.  When dealing with others- this consistency is almost never consistent.


  1. finding a balance is the key .While spontanaity (sp?) is great, a solid foundation under it all has to be there , IMHO

  2. I have to say that I am the spontaneous one in my marriage, the husband is the consistent one. We balance each other out. :) Nice post. You have a fabulous grasp on human nature, Pixie.

  3. What about a happy medium? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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