Love, Twu luv

Those are the words the preacher speaks from the movie The Princess Bride as she is marrying Prince Humperdink.

L- is for the way you look at me
O- is for he only one I see
V- is very, very
E-xtra ordinary...

and that is a good way of putting it, since love like that seems to be very extraordinary these days. 

I heard a song by Vince Gil this morning. Whenever You Come Around. It speaks of the effects a person can have on us when they are near.  Vince Gil sings-  
I get weak in the knees
and I lose my breath, 
Oh I try to speak
but the words won't come,
I'm so scared to death.
When you smile that smile,
The world turns upside down,
Whenever you come around...

I think at some point we all know a person who makes our heart flutter. Hearing their voice, we just melt. Is it possible to love someone too much?


  1. Ah, I miss that weak in the knees feeling. But Redbook magazine says all that is the effects of dopamine, when you're first in love. Stupid Redbook.
    I think it's possible to love someone too much. Esp if they aren't in love with you in return.
    Hope you're well, my Pixie friend. :)

  2. Oh I definitely know that feeling. It's the feelings that come with new love. Over time, the butterflies go away, but hopefully, it's replaced a feeling that goes even deeper. I hate to call it a 'comfortable' feeling, because I think that sounds negative and less than what it is.

  3. There are certainly people that make your heart miss a beat but they are normally not the people that you will or should end up with. Extreme passion might burn red hot but it is mostly briefly and you end up getting your fingers burned. For me love is best for the long haul, 26 years with Mrs B, 17 of them married sure beats the hell out of a new lover every few months – I was never a fan of the tip toe around your new partner games that people play…but that’s just me, some people thrive on that shit and so either never settle down or hate it when they do…

  4. I love those feelings. They rarely last but they're so much fun while they do.

  5. Man, do I ever miss those feelings. Been a long time for me but it's something I always look forward to at the start of any new relationship :)

  6. Nope , never too much. that said we need to temper love and need


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