Into the looking glass

I guess sometimes we have to look back at where we came from, to get an idea of where we are going. Sometimes we do this to remember what we were like before, or to enable ourselves to shift away from the things we disliked about our behavior.  We look at how we used to do things, what we are doing now, what we never allowed compared to what we allow now... 

We may like what we see, or maybe not.  One thing a lot of us do is find fault within ourselves too easily. We also focus on the I should have, could have, would have, etc.  The things that seem to stand out in our minds? The bad stuff, the meanest things we have ever heard, the ugly and the negative... 

Why is it we lose sight or track of the fun we shared with someone? Why do we lose sight of our goals, because of a few things one person says?  Why is it so easy to just give in and give up? Why is it so easy to point fingers and lay blame- on someone else?  Because we don't have to face them when we look in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror we see how time has changed us. We see how life has taken it's toll on our bodies and what we let happen to ourselves.  We are forced in a way, to reckon with ourselves for the things we have done, the things we allowed to happen, the way we have treated others and let ourselves be treated.  This is not always pretty, not always easy to deal with and some of us shut it out all together. 

When you open your own Pandora's box of feelings and emotions, it can be a huge blow to take when you reach those self revelations, epiphanies of not so pleasant things and realize what has happened and more precisely- why? 

When you start to change things to improve- those around you may not understand. Those closest to you may not 'approve'.  They aren't comfortable with 'the new you' who has become soft or more empowered, backed off or taken charge. That may be because they haven't looked long and hard in the mirror at their own self.   If they did and they fixed things, would you still be around for the results?  What would you have to see change to consider staying?


  1. Excellent post! I think one we can all relate to on some level. Nothing like a good long look in th emirror to see if we can still love the face looking back.As to whether the "other" would like the changes, I guess if there was something there in the beginning ,and the something was right . after the dust has settled,if the "new you " more empowered or softer a happier person, the "other" should be happy to see the changes .After all that is what we want for those we love isn't it ? thier happiness?And I thing if he or she changed again if it made them a happier ,more balanced person, those are the changes that need to happen often to affect other changes on another level

  2. Fern- We all want to be happy. We also want those we care about to be happy. But when someone we care about is out of control or extremely overbearing- for us to take charge, well that really upsets their applecart.

    If they were to let go- would we allow that, accept that or view them as being weak? I guess it depends on each of us and our own situations.

    Crazy. I know.

  3. You are talking about the road less traveled. Some people understand what that really means, others think they get it but don't, and the rest could care less. The funny thing about that road is that it really is the only true way to be happy.


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