Dawning of a New Year

I am a little late in writing this post, but I have finally gotten around to it. Better late than never.  With the new year, a lot of people are making their resolutions. Deciding on what they need to work on improving this year. I haven't really gotten around to thinking about it yet.  After all, what does a bad pixie like me need to work on?

There have been a few revelations on my part lately. A few good long looks in the mirror and some outsider insight into things.  Thankfully someone else sees the things I somehow missed...

I am still on the fence about my one main goal for the year.  I think it may be one of a few things.  I don't want to say what they are, as then I am committed to those things. I want to try keeping my options open for now.


  1. I am not much for actual resolutions at New years.I do try to take a look at the year past and see whare I want things to go and if I was doing I hesitate to say the "right " things to make that happen , but at least working in a forward direction .that said if I see something in my life that is in need of fixing/changing at any time I try really hard to get at it right away,or at the very least note it and prompt myself to take a better look.Whatever 2011 brings you I hope it also brings joy, and wellness

  2. Go ahead and voice one Pixie; I've always thought it's meant to be more of a goal rather than a crippling commitment.

    I've added Fairytales to my scrolling blogroll over @ VSL; check it out under the heading 'All & Sundry Poisons' sometime.

  3. Fern- I try to make only one or two. Not so much a resolution for the new year, but a life change instead. Small changes throughout the year? Sure! I try to do that too. Otherwise why wait?

    Venom- thank you for adding me. I will have to go take a look.

    As per your request-

    I am working on a huge one for ME this year. I have stood by for too long and taken the backseat in life. Now that I have taken things back, I am doing for me and to hell with everyone else! Especially those who tell me or have told me- I can't, not to, don't you dare, what are you thinking? and all the other incredibly undermining things that make us doubt ourselves- when we damn well shouldn't!

    I know the way I 'used to be' and I am looking forward to getting back to that. Those were the good ol' days and I had a lot more fun back then. I did what I wanted and nothing could stand in my way. I am excited!


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