happy, Happy, HAPPY

Recently I had a long overdue chat with a friend of mine. We haven't spoken in a while, since life tends to get in the way and time slips by on us. So early one morning with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, I rang her up on the telle and we dished out on all of the latest things happening in each others lives.

How refreshing and energizing. We were both quite chuffed with the chance to speak and find out how things are going so devinely for us both. One thing we both agreed on was that there was a sense of overall 'lightness' in the air. We both had found our own sense of freedom in doing things we had always wanted too and for a change, being able to relish in the excitement. "You just Sound so much happier lately. I can hear it in your voice." Her words.

I acquired a new flat mate after kicking my long time other half to the curb. The new one is working out well enough so far. Its a platonic relationship and has been for some time. We had his family over recently for a meet up and speaking with his sister, she told me "I'm glad you guys are sharing a flat together. He is just so much happier lately.

Apparently the enthusiasm is rubbing off.


  1. I love phone calls like this :) I miss the lost art of the phone call. Nowadays everyone texts :)

  2. Sometimes we just think a lot before calling our friends, Our Ego comes in between and we imagine getting smaller by a call. But thats not TRUE, Lets call our friends & family as thats what this life is all about


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