I'm Due for an Upgrade

Over the past few months, I have gotten a chance to learn some things about someone I thought I knew. I wasn't intending to go down this road, but I'm on it and this is where it has led me. I thought I knew this person pretty well. Things they liked, things they didn't and how they viewed the world around them. I will admit to being wrong on several accounts here. I am not disappointed in being wrong, nor am I saddened by it. Theirs is not my cross to bear.

There are some things I have been pretty close on. Some things that others have pointed out over the years that have been spot on as well. And as things came hurtling in my direction from them as a personal attack on me? Instead of meeting them halfway and engaging in the shouting match and ensuing argument they expected? I let them run with it. I remained quiet and let them have their say. I dare say, they thought they were so right. They thought I was everything they had just pointed out to me. In their eyes I am nothing.

When it was all over and done, I thanked them for pointing out how worthless they think I am. How I have no taste, no class and how even though they think everything about me is no more than trash and beneath them, I am the one they have turned to for help. I am the one they have expected to bail them out. Me in all my trashy, worthless, bad karma, glory self has been there, had their back, rescued them and saved their ass on more than one occasion. So if they don't like me, don't like my help and apparently don't appreciate it? Well I'm more than happy to back off. Let's see what happens when I'm not there, don't support them and I'm no longer their doormat.


  1. It can be a harsh realization when you find that about someone you thought better of. But you are way farther ahead without that type in your life.Onwards and upwards my friend!

  2. Wow, Pixie. This is very, very similar to something I'm going through right now with a "close" family member. It is all about what I can do, and have and "Haven't done!" For her. I have decided to take a break from her. One of the hardest things I've ever done, but even though there's tons of guilt, there is so much less stress in my life. Thanks for writing this, and I sure hope things turn around for you. No one should have to hear the things you're hearing.


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