Pray for your enemy

Pray for your enemy, for you'll never enter the Kingdom of Heaven with hatred in your heart

I seen this in the comments on a post about a black police officer helping an older white man out of the heat at a KKK rally. Many were commenting that this officer was 'only doing his job' and what if it was a white officer helping a black man? Would it still be news??? Some of the other comments questioned if the white man may change his outlook and views? That is up to him.

I'm glad that at least the description of what is seen is not lost. Many times over we hear of people spewing lies and deceit, putting their own spin on things to fit their agenda. In cases like that, what is actually happening in real life, at that moment... is twisted and distorted for their own sense of gain.

I have prayed for people I may not like or trust. I pray for them often as theirs is a world I choose not to be a part of. While I have prayed for them, I do not request, nor do I expect that they would return the sentiment. Why should I when it would be void of all sincerity?

They are not my enemies for I do not hate them. Hate is a term to be used sparingly. And while I do not hate them, they may expressly loathe my very existance. Isn't that special?


  1. Sometimes I do hate my enemies, it is kind of cathartic. Probably wrong, but cathartic.


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