What are you?

The other day there was a discussion of religion that I was a part of. There were many aspects of what each one had as their beliefs in relation to their path that is followed and after a while, the question circulated - What are you?

When it came around for me to answer, I replied, "I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just me." Everyone had a chuckle over that and clearly it said, I choose not to discuss this with any of you right now. For some people, their beliefs and spirituality is personal. It might enlist a lengthy list of questions. Although it can cerfainly be a teaching moment, sometimes I just don't feel like being the teacher as I am unwillingly placed in the spotlight.


  1. These days its not safe for people to reveal such personal things about themselves. In this age of Soviet-style political correctness anyone revealing that 'what' they are is a belief the PC Police consider to be incorrect are in danger of losing their freedom. Just look at the current IRS scandal for a perfect example.


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