Beautiful things

"Shine on me, sunshine.
 Rain on me, rain.
 Fall softly, dewdrops.
 And cool my brow again.
 Storm, blow me from here.
 With your fiercest wind.
 Let me float across the sky.
'Til I can rest again.
 Fall gently, snowflakes.
 Cover me with white,
cold icy kisses
and let me rest tonight"

Maya Angelou. xxx

Reading this while listening to "Swimming Home" by Evanescence, a hauntingly beautiful song, that it turns out is actually about death.  To describe it in one word, is simply and truly- Beautiful. I have only ever experienced a very small number, very, very few things in life, that described in one word are just that- Beautiful.

In her last tweet on Friday, she said- "Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God." What an amazing and inspiring woman.

RIP Dr. Maya Angelou


  1. Oh, Pixie - she was wonderful, and every bit as wonderful in person as she appeared on camera.

  2. I was surprised when I heard about her death. Did you know that she was 6 feet tall?


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