Life worth living

I read a quote today in the comments on a story online. The person who posted it gave credit where it is due.

It's by William W. Purkey -

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

Sometimes I can dance like nobody is watching. It's usually because nobody is. I checked or else I locked the door. Ha! 

Love like you'll never be hurt. Sometimes this can be tough. I have loved people in my life though, because of or sometimes even in spite of their shortcomings. Their problems are not necessarily mine, but I can be understanding, sympathetic, listen, give them an objective opinion if asked, guidance and support them in their decisions.

Sing like there's nobody listening.  I do it a lot. In the car especially. Windows up, windows down- it doesn't matter. I sing it loud and proud. I let my inner voice be heard no matter how off pitch it may be.

Live like it's Heaven on earth.  I would like to do this more. I try. I honestly do. But if it truly were Heaven on earth, none of us would have to work. There would be no bills and we could just breeze thru life doing what we like all of the time. 

Lest I forget- Happy St. Patricks day and may the luck o' the Irish be with ye.


  1. Lovely quote, but probably bad advise.

  2. Snork...and I would be rich and built like a Barbie doll. But alas...!

  3. Great quote, not bad advice. Just please don't get this tattoo'd to lower your back like every other college age girl who thinks they're being clever (right next to their YOLO tattoo of course).

  4. Joeh- It's all about perspective. How do you dance, love, sing and live?

    Kestrel- If only... *sigh*

    ABFTS- I'm flattered that you think I might be college aged. Thanks! Online I guess it's difficult to judge.

  5. As I've grown older, I've forgotten how to do some of these things. I was much better at dancing like nobody's watching when I was young!
    Ah, well.
    Great insight, Pixie!


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