Moments of truth

Sometimes things happen that we overlook at the moment. When we go back and recount our steps, relive the past and resurect it all in our minds, sometimes it is those little things that stand out. The little things can sometimes make a very bold statement and knock you flat. When you piece things together, it all adds up and makes sense. Too much at times or more than we want to admit at the very least.

It is but those moments of epiphanies, self realization and if nothing else, things that pop into our head in the middle of the night, those things that make sense all of a sudden, pointing out the truth behind them all along. Those truths can be fairly scary for some people to come to realize. Did they fail? Are they posturing? Are they retaliating for their own shortcomings? Are they in denial of how bad things are? Do they have any clue as to how bad their own behaviour is? Have they done things to mar a relationship? If they did, did they do anything about fixing it?

In these moments of truth, when you realize what you have done, do you vow to do better in the future? Apologize to others you may have hurt? Reconciled with them or at least yourself to find some neutral ground? 


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