Lately I have been taking a long, hard, deep look at myself and some of the things going on around me. I have backed off in a lot of areas in life. A man I know once told me he is a very private person. I deeply respect that of him and have been working towards that in my own life as well. 

There are several people I know with Birthdays this time of year. I have tried to message each of them on their special day, to let them know I remembered it. One of them I have recently become back in contact with and when their day came- they couldn't believe I remembered it after all this time.  Some things a Pixie mind just never forgets.

Besides all of the Birthdays happening, there have been a few other monumental days occurring in and around my life. Anniversaries- both good and bad things, beginnings, endings, and although sometimes I may feel like shouting for joy or grieving a loss, I remain silent, maintaining my privacy.  It is but my own happiness or grief, to reflect upon.  Sometimes it is because I have a plan, sometimes there is no plan. But if it is not written, nor spoken, it can be changed and nobody shall ever know different.  

I still wear my heart on my sleeve for some. Still have no issue speaking openly, honestly and sincerely to those who are deserving of such, but for the most part I am respecting my own privacy as well as that of others.  With that I am discovering an unfamiliar sense of depth, solitude and inner peace of which cannot be rivaled...


  1. However you find peace it is that you found it that makes the most difference

  2. Congratulations! It's always a difficult journey, but the meadow at the stop in the trail is such a pretty place to rest for a while.

  3. Wow. Can you send me some inner peace, Pixie? I've got the solitude thing down-pat.

  4. I could take a lesson from you on quiet dignity. Still haven't learned that one.


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