Damaged goods

It's the beautiful bird that gets caged. Not always. Sometimes the stalkers don't actually care if they hit their target or not.   It's not even about the thrill of the hunt for them either. In reality it is their own selfish persuit of whtever we have that they think will make them a better person. 

Sorry to burst their pathetic bubble.
Clothes don't make the man and one size does not fit all. 

Just because I have it and it is doing well for me, under my care or because of my work and dilligence, does not mean you will have the same results.  You may take something away from me, but it just won't be the same for you.  BTW- some things you just can't take away from people. Nothing you can do or say will mar their image.

There are also times when the 'prize' gets damaged or even destroyed in the process of being acquired or taken from others.  What happens then?  Nobody gets the 'prize' because it is ruined. It becomes a matter of, If I cannot have it, then nobody else can or should have it either.  Really? Because this is their selfish side showing through in spades.  Who the (insert swearing here) decided or said it was up to them?  Oh right. It was them that decided this.

They are not above offering to help. It is merely a way of getting their foot in the door, gaining your trust and making it look like they are good. Once in, then they slowly start to sabatoge your efforts. It's the little things that often go unchecked, unnoticed and they are well versed in their efforts of subtlety. Or so they think.

Many times it is easier to just hand it over and give it to them. Here you go, fluck it up- you win. (even though we know they will fail.)  Have a nice life asshole.  Giving up and stopping is much the same as them damaging the goods or destroying it altogther.  You win, I stopped, because I just can't or rather won't put up with your shit anymore. Get a shovel and please, take it with you when you go.

What is most sad to me, is that the work of the good, becomes lost. Nobody can enjoy it and the artist is often reluctant to work, for fear of the same remiss crap happening again.  Usually the stalkers, hunters, preditors or whatever you choose to call them- move on to someone else. Someone else who they consider a threat. Someone else who sees through their veil of lies and half truths, the land of grey matter they live in.  They feel the need to take down those of us who know understand this about them. Because they will be the ones exposed when it all falls down. 

Then again, we have lives to live and things to see to. We carry on and they continue to sink. As it is then. I guess the bottom feeders need something to eat too.  And that is the last bit of attention I will give them. They just are not worthy.  The cream truly rises to the top.


  1. well put.If they take it an wreck it, they may keep it, as much as they need to lie in the bed they made. I commented a while back somewhere,"hitch your wagon to a star, just not mine"

  2. Whoah. Not sure what you're having to deal with right now but keep fighting!

  3. You said it, and said it well, right up there:
    "Have a nice life, asshole."
    Well done.


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