Beautiful birds

In a recent discussion with a dear friend, we have both bared the truth about things we may not have known about each other.  Things we admit to, ways we in turn, hold ourselves back. Things others have perceived about us, which we may have been a Johnny-come-lately in realizing. Some of them- it took a different way of explaining them before the light bulb came on and we understood (albeit a bit too fully) what was happening and why???? 

I have had people stalking my blog. I make no account for them or their act of doing this. Why do they do it? Maybe so they can gain insight to the way I think, the things I do, the way they perceive I behave? Sure. Any and all of those. Are they looking for something to hold over me or use against me later? Probably.  Why? Good question. Ask them and they will deny everything. Their type always will.

Am I the only one who has online stalkers? Far from it. I am not alone or that special. In fact my friend Sasha has a whole bunch of them! She is stalked online, in life and anywhere else these people can find anything out about her.  Sasha has no idea why she is the target they all watch and take turns trying to ruin her. 

It's simple really, but sometimes we are blindsided by their actions and we simply react.  We are concerned about what they are doing, and don't consider the WHY? We lose focus. We try to put out the fires they leave behind, hope to cover enough ground in an attempt to catch up, but also prevent any new fires.  And so we play the game of cat & mouse. 

I would bet that if I were to look through my list of blog stalkers, and Sasha were to do the same- a number of these people (if you can call them that) would be much alike. Their personalities, their motives, their skills- or lack of, I would bet they would be similar in a lot of ways. 

So why are we their targets? What do we have that they don't?  Exactly! Wait, what? We must know something or they wouldn't be following our every move, lurking in the shadows, waiting for something to snatch up from us... The problem isn't us at all- it's THEM!

They lack something themselves and hope they can find it in others. We are their target because they don't have "IT!"  IT can be a lot of things- talent, skill, creativity, knowledge, money or material possessions. They want it + we have it = a giant target on our back.

We are somehow at fault for their problems, yet they try to boast about our stuff as their accomplishments.  They manage our business affairs, but if things are amiss- they point fingers and blame us. They do all the work, but if you look closely or listen carefully, the devil is in the details. The truth slips out and the trail of their ugly past is deep and wide.  There is no accountability, let alone any responsibility for their actions. More accurately- their LACK of actions. What have they done? What have they actually accomplished? How recently? What have they to show for themselves? I will save you the hassle- there is probably not a lot, if anything there to find.

So what does the title have to do with all of this- It is the beautiful bird which gets caged.  Think about it.


  1. My mother, of all people once told me "you are a hard person to live up to" WTF??? I am quite simple just who I am no games no hidden agenda , what you see is what you get, nothing to l"live up to" but sometimes I think that is just the point I don't compete, so often I think the stalkers and other types are simply looking for what they don't have regardless of whether they want or need it, just have to have it. Meanwhile I am just doing my thing, living my life and wondering why folks have to be so unkind

  2. You bring up a good point, Pixie. I have a close friend who stopped blogging because she got in a fight with her former BFF, and the BFF left nasty comments on her blog. So my friend just quit. Completely. A shame, too, because she was really good.
    Love the post, especially the last sentence. :)

  3. FernValley- I can see your mothers point. It is tough to measure up to someone who doesn't compete. But people try anyways.

    Dawn- That is a shame about your friend. More of a shame about the former BFF lacking maturity. But since your friend quit- sometimes that is the point of their game too. You'll see what I mean in the next post.


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