Wasted time

There are times in life when we are given the gift of knowledge of how to proceed, where to go to find answers and when to do what needs to be done. But sometimes we find the very answers to our troubling questions have been there all along. We have just ignored them, forgotten them or maybe even banished the very thought.  How could we know the answers, yet still beat our head on the wall while repeatedly asking the question?

When the light of a new day dawns and we see for the first time in a long time, what needs to be done, where we go from here to get it done and that the tools to do the job are in our reach- it is reassuring, has a calming effect and at the same time is inspiring, uplifting and enlightening. Our burdens are lifted, if even for a little while, our energy levels boosted and we take on a whole new light.  We exude confidence, strength and happiness.

And yet sometimes we come back to that same wall we beat our heads on and ask WHY?  We beat ourselves up over the simple question of Why? Why did I not realize this? Why did it take me so long to figure this out? It's not like it's quantum physics or the reason for the universe or something... Why was it so difficult to see?

It's simple really, as simple as the question itself. We were just not ready for the information. We were not ready to put things to use or maybe we were still holding on, holding out hope that things would change.  Sometimes things change, but sometimes we have to initiate the change ourselves.  And when we initiate the change we need to be ready for the results, as they are not always what we might have expected.

I am relearning the process of lowering my standards of expectations of others. If I don't expect anything from anyone, I am rarely disappointed.  Instead I may be surprised when they do stand and deliver...


  1. Living through the pain & disappointments other people give us, sometimes unknowingly, is one of the hardest things. I know it has caused the most tears in my life.

  2. It's especially the most heartbreaking when the disappointment is coming from someone we love and care about. Not sure what you're going through but big hugs!

  3. Venom- well said. Truly from somone who knows the feeling, albeit "a bit too well" at times?

    Vapid Vixen- That's usually the source of all of it, no? Just finding my own wings, figuring things out and finding the damn answers were there all along. Big Hugs right back to you too!


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