Silent observation

People watching can be an interesting past time.  It can be fun, enlightening and at the same time you may find yourself thinking things about people you don't know, that are so far off base- it's not even funny.

The other day I was thinking in depth, about a person I have come to know. Funny thing is, what I have come to know about this person is a lot of strange things. An odd compilation of weird occurrances. Things I may not have asked about, things I may not need to have knowledge of, but it's there. I know about it. Nothing anyone can say or do will erase this knowledge that I possess.

We all have our own quirks and oddities. Things we like, things we don't, stuff we share, stuff we do not speak of. There are those who try to remain somewhat private and others who poke their damn nose into everyone elses business.  Some people remain in the background and are happy with that, while others have to fight everyone elses battles for them, even (or maybe especially) when they have no clue what it's all about. 

Sometimes there are people around us, that on any given day, if someone were to ask you what they liked or don't- you wouldn't have an answer to that.What color are their eyes? Does it really matter? Yet there is someone who would say it does matter. There are a multitude of reasons in their world why the eye color matters.  How come you do not know this? What's wrong with YOU?

We may have stumbled across these people in our lives, they may be connected to us in ways that make us unable to escape their presence. Blood ties and even some friendships, just cannot be broken.  Somehow they matter in the world, because we all matter on some level- even the bottom feeders...  The people around us influence our own character. We may try to be more like this person or think Please. Dear Diety, Don't ever let me turn out like That!

Me? I just sit back and laugh at times. I may know them, may know their personal issues, some of their secrets and all that. Others I just shrug my shoulders and think I'm glad they have other friends, because I'm certainly not one of them. I know enough to not put myself in that kind of spot.


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  2. Interesting insights, nothing like people to remind us how much we love our pets! lol

  3. Hahaha FV! Isn't that the truth...

  4. Ooooh! You're so mysterious, Bad Pixie! I'm sure if we knew each other in person, we'd be the life-long friends you describe. Because you are a Badazz Pixie. ;)

  5. FV & Kestrel- No kidding!

    Dawn- We probably would. Thanks


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