Pixie Frost

With the start of the new month and the winter season getting into full swing, the weather has taken a cold turn in Pixieland. I am one frosty Pixie lately.  Not a fan! 

I do however, enjoy playing in the snow and all of the fun to be had in that respect, but as far as shoveling the sparkly white wonder dust... no thanks!  There's a good reason I don't live at the North Pole and it isn't just the fat man in a red fur suit.  Sorry, I'm just not that PC.  What did you expect from someone like me? 


  1. Yeah, playing in snow was fun when I was a kid and didn't have to shovel it ,but that could be said about a lot of things!lol!Stay warm

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. My mare, Scandalous, was not a gray mare. She was bay. The only other mare I am aware of with that name came from Vantage Point. She was younger than my Scandalous but she was a gray. Maybe that is the horse that you worked with.


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