Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beautiful birds

In a recent discussion with a dear friend, we have both bared the truth about things we may not have known about each other.  Things we admit to, ways we in turn, hold ourselves back. Things others have perceived about us, which we may have been a Johnny-come-lately in realizing. Some of them- it took a different way of explaining them before the light bulb came on and we understood (albeit a bit too fully) what was happening and why???? 

I have had people stalking my blog. I make no account for them or their act of doing this. Why do they do it? Maybe so they can gain insight to the way I think, the things I do, the way they perceive I behave? Sure. Any and all of those. Are they looking for something to hold over me or use against me later? Probably.  Why? Good question. Ask them and they will deny everything. Their type always will.

Am I the only one who has online stalkers? Far from it. I am not alone or that special. In fact my friend Sasha has a whole bunch of them! She is stalked online, in life and anywhere else these people can find anything out about her.  Sasha has no idea why she is the target they all watch and take turns trying to ruin her. 

It's simple really, but sometimes we are blindsided by their actions and we simply react.  We are concerned about what they are doing, and don't consider the WHY? We lose focus. We try to put out the fires they leave behind, hope to cover enough ground in an attempt to catch up, but also prevent any new fires.  And so we play the game of cat & mouse. 

I would bet that if I were to look through my list of blog stalkers, and Sasha were to do the same- a number of these people (if you can call them that) would be much alike. Their personalities, their motives, their skills- or lack of, I would bet they would be similar in a lot of ways. 

So why are we their targets? What do we have that they don't?  Exactly! Wait, what? We must know something or they wouldn't be following our every move, lurking in the shadows, waiting for something to snatch up from us... The problem isn't us at all- it's THEM!

They lack something themselves and hope they can find it in others. We are their target because they don't have "IT!"  IT can be a lot of things- talent, skill, creativity, knowledge, money or material possessions. They want it + we have it = a giant target on our back.

We are somehow at fault for their problems, yet they try to boast about our stuff as their accomplishments.  They manage our business affairs, but if things are amiss- they point fingers and blame us. They do all the work, but if you look closely or listen carefully, the devil is in the details. The truth slips out and the trail of their ugly past is deep and wide.  There is no accountability, let alone any responsibility for their actions. More accurately- their LACK of actions. What have they done? What have they actually accomplished? How recently? What have they to show for themselves? I will save you the hassle- there is probably not a lot, if anything there to find.

So what does the title have to do with all of this- It is the beautiful bird which gets caged.  Think about it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A topic misunderstood...

A dear friend of mine and I were recently discussing religion. One of those taboo topics people often do not touch. With all of the concerns out there to be politically correct, I can understand why. Things people are passionate about, often makes for some intense if not heated discussions.

The Pagan religions or beliefs are probably one of the most misunderstood things out there in the spiritual world today. There is more earth based rites of passage, rituals to bring about good and a simple belief that whatever you cast about, comes back at least threefold if good, tenfold otherwise. You celebrate the seasons, not so much holidays.

As the moon becomes more full, (a waxing moon) you pray for good things to come into your life, as it wanes- you pray for the bad stuff to leave with it. There is a time for the earth to lay quiet, the fields fallow and unplanted. In the spring- the planting season, it is a time to celebrate rebirth, a chance to start again new, fresh, better.

The elements- earth, wind, fire & water all have their place and a reason each as well. The biggest rule about it all is simple- harm none. When you harvest your crops- you give thanks to Mother Earth for her bounty and all she provides. Singing is encouraged and you make your gratitude and appreciation known, even if it means sacrificing something- a piece of jewelery or something you cherish, planted in the ground in a sacred spot you have chosen.

You plant things to use in cooking, to feed yourself, your family, your animals. You tend to their needs above your own. You treat your animals with love, devotion and show them mercy in their time of need. Treating others with respect goes without saying.  Cast your circles, make your requests and remember to give thanks upon receipt of such gifts. Otherwise do you really expect to get anything else again?

Yet some of the other religions or spiritual cultures, who say you should not judge, are the first to cast stones, accuse that which they do not understand of being dark, mysterious and (their) Heaven forbid- evil. When nothing could be further from the truth.   Runes, tarot and some other methods of foretelling what is to come, are surely, in their eyes, the work of the devil.  Yet in the Pagan beliefs, the "devil" does not exist, so how can he possibly take credit for anything?

While there are some people out there who take every word as Gospel, take everything to extremes, go a bit overboard and too far, there are also those who practice quietly in their own homes or with a small coven and choose not to get too far in depth on things.  Some groups require nudity, which should never be a requirement, but always optional instead. Not all of us are comfortable bearing our skin under the light of a full moon, or even the 100 watt bulb in the bathroom for that matter either.

But just like most other faiths, it is all a matter of learning what each one practices, when and where they meet and what their beliefs encompass.  Learn about it on your own before you make a decision and pass judgement on others without understanding the how and why behind what they do.