Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pass the ketchup

The other day I was out and about when I had an amazing thing happen to me. I was in the zone and focused on something in my mind.  I was meditating on some level and reconnecting with my inner sense of harmony when I noticed something following me. Nothing bad, but it was incredibly large. It wasn't exactly following me either, but more like hovering over me in a protective way.  I seen the large shadow of one of my protectors on the ground, traveling alongside of me.
purple lady n dragon Pink_Lady_Dragon.jpg

How large? Well now, considering the size of an average Pixie- it was Huge, at least to me.  In comparison to a normal person? It was stull pretty large and of a substantial size.  It was not only large on it's own, but also had something of nearly the same size that was accompanying it on it's endeavor.  Following closely along behind if you will.

I was not frightened by this, but rather soothed in knowing that I have something of an extremely larger scale than life, watching my back.  It is also a reminder that people should never meddle in the affairs of dragons. For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pedestals require cleaning

Ok so in the past few posts and a few posts in other places, it seems that not only my own self confidence and worth has been shaken a bit. In some cases it feels like an earthquake measuring at least a 15 on the Richter scale has hit a few of us.  Considering we are scattered geographically, sounds like the planet is about to bounce off the axis on which it turns.   Maybe we had better put our seat belts on for this one!

In reading a post on Fern's blog, I noticed she can get rattled when she's around certain people. A bit of self descriptive perspective- my world is rattled at best, around one certain person vs. being around others.  A bit of self directed thoughts of WTH? Why do we do this? and I may have found an answer- we put them on a pedestal of sorts and revere them as somehow knowing more, being better or ???? than we see ourselves.

My "Rattler" has shaken my confidence in myself and what I know. He has also taken the fun and passion out of something I loved, by always being the critic. Do this, don't do that, ever the watchful and scrutinizing eye. 

I know what I know and I know what I have learned over the years. I also know when I am doing something just to do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Yet there he is. Watching, waiting, offering advice and making suggestions.  Chipping away at my core.  Nit picking and trying to help me improve, when all I wanted to do was enjoy myself and be in the moment. Nothing more, nothing less, yet even that is disturbed. 

Makes a Pixie want to go kick the pedestal out from under those who torment us in ways such as this.  Maybe they can land on it on their way down.  For the record- I for one am not going to catch them when they fall either.  They think highly enough of themselves, they shouldn't need the help of someone as diminutive as me.   Shhhhh, you're pedestal is covered in something...  Looks like your overinflated ego has popped and gotten all over it.