Sometimes we meet people that we know we are going to have further contact with. There's a spark of some kind that let's us know we will be involved in something bigger. Something that will be keeping us busy for a long time together. A sensitive may know this upon sight. People who aren't sensitives, may not know this and may even fight everything about it, either in full denial of the whole thing or not wanting to believe it.

Snowflakes are different and special. People are too.

I met one of these people a while back. About a year ago our paths crossed in a rather nonspectacular way. The second time our paths crossed, There were things I knew about them before a single word had been spoken. Since then our paths have crossed several more times. I have seen them at least once a week and we have discussed things concerning the circumstances under which our paths crossed, potential business opportunities and things on semi-personal levels. We skimmed the surface of discussion about the relationships we are both in.

And then one day things between us Blew up changed.

Admittedly this caught me off guard. To be honest, I'm not even sure what happened, what was said or what it was all about. We have seen each other several times since then and our paths cross at least once a week still, but they have completely shut down and won't even speak to me- not even to exchange pleasantries.

What I find strange about this is the other person is a few years older than I am, but they are acting so incredibly childish. In a way it's funny, but even more so it's just sad. Sad that they cannot even be adult enough about things to speak to me about it. If I said something that they were offended or hurt by, I had already apologized and told them that was not my intent and I'm not trying to attack anyone, just explaining the reality of things and how sometimes people don't perceive things the way they may be intended. Which is likely the exact reason they are so miffed with me.


  1. I lost a friend recently because I disagreed with his point of view. Friendship is not worth changing who you are.

  2. I'm sory to hear that Joe. My best friend and I have one subject where we have both politely agreed to disagree and we won't discuss things further. We know the ensuing argument will be far more than E.P.I.C!!! and it is not worth the friendship it will cost us both. If the topic comes up and starts getting too close, one of us will say- "Let's not go there."


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