Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't hush me

As I mentioned in my last post, I have people who are cyber stalking my posts here. Clinging to the very words I write and hoping to find some shred of whatever they can, to paint me the villain in their world.  Because I am such a horrible and rotten Pixie after all...

You can all stop laughing and rolling your eyes now.  I only marginally 'watch what I say' or post about here. Really not that tough when you say what you mean and mean what you say. Mum taught me long ago to be a straight up kind of person. It has always stuck with me.

I have thought of taking this blog to private, but is that really fair? Should I have to not only limit what I say, but hide it all too?  All the while I am being watched, knowing I am under their scrutiny, I have never wondered about them. Why? Well, two reasons actually. 1) I don't really care and 2) I have no use for people like them. I just have less to fret over since they are making a point of concerning themselves with things in my life for me.  Because really, they think they know what I need, what is best and that somehow they will benefit along the way. 

Am I afraid of who these cretins are? No, actually I'm not. Do I know what they are capable of? Do any of us know what anyone is truly capable of? Good or bad, people often come out of the shadows and surprise us at times with the things they do. The lengths some of them go to...  now that can be described a number of ways. When it's something bad- shocking, disturbing, sad, those are a pretty good start. If it is something good- Amazing, strong, humble, I'm sure others can think of more.

And all the while these trolls are so focused on their 'targets', they forget that their own life is what it pathetically IS. They may either wish to escape their world of their own creation or ride the coat tails of those who have actually made their mark.  I have had people do this before. They held me and my achievements up while trying to duplicate them and fell short in a sorry, worthless heap. 

Who got the last laugh there? Nobody actually. Why laugh at someone who can't come close to hitting their own low marks? The Deities know they will never come even remotely close to hitting one of yours...  No need to smote them now. Kharma will take care of that when she runs over their dogma. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogger challenge

For anyone who has read the blog of the Cranky Old Man he recently began following me but also named me in a challenge. I love his blog for his unrepentant way of stating things.  Your a man after my own heart, Cranky!  

Here is what you do. You list blog posts that fall under each category, then 7 blogs to pass the challenge on to. So hang on, because here goes-

Most Beautiful- I would say this one has to be the poem about being by the beach.
Wanna get away?

Most Popular- By the number of comments alone, I would have to say there is a tie between a few posts, but Really? seems to have gotten its due here.

Most Controversial- without a doubt, Bad Pixie? Yep that's me!

Most Helpful-  Roots

Post whose success surprised-  Toxic Friendships  Didn't think I would get some of the responses I did, but then if 85% of women in the poll admitted to this- why wouldn't it?

Post that got undeserved attention- It's the little things Though I'm really not sure it got undeserved attention... As bloggers don't we hope every post gets some sort of attention?

Post most proud of- I wish you the best  And to the person I wrote this about, I still wish them the best... Love, hugs and peace, Pixie.

Now for the part where I challenge 7 other bloggers to do the same. Hmmmm

I would list a few blogs here, but to do so would only up the ante in what has sort of become a sick and stupid game for my online stalkers.  My apologies to the regulars and the few followers I have accumulated. If I am following your blog- consider your blog listed here and challenged...  Bwahahaha

Even bad Pixies like me have stalkers whose lives must be so absurdly mundane they have to take up trying to control the lives of others.  In the words of Dr. Phil- How's that working out for ya? 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Because of a friend

Because of a friend,
I swallowed my pride.
I picked up the phone
and put the past aside.

I did what I could,
to help a friend in need.
It's just what you do,
in times like these.

When she called at a time,
that she normally didn't...
I answered the phone,
Never crossed my mind- I wouldn't.

To hear that she needed,
the help that she did
She turned to me,
when others just hid.

How could they do that?
Do they have no shame?
Apparently not.
They all play games.

As the plans fell through
On favors I sought,
things fell into place,
as she fell, she was caught.

But because of a friend,
I picked up the phone.
If I hadn't that day,
I might not have grown.

The things in the past,
that I had put aside.
May have gone unchanged,
Where part of me had died.

Instead they were new,
refreshed and restored.
A little different now,
maybe better than before.

So because of a friend,
someone I held dear,
has returned to their place
in my heart, always near.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toxic friendships

How many of us can admit to having a toxic friendship?
You know the types-

-the self absorbed
-the downer
-the critic
-the underminer
-the flakes? 

I know at least three of these.  One person being two of them combined...

Apparently, according to a poll in Self magazine 84% of women have toxic friendships!  That's a pretty large number when you think about it.  What is even more frightening- wondering how many of them there actually are?

The one person I know is both a flake and a critic. Unreliable, but is beyond critical when they do show up.  In a way, I guess they are a bit of a narcisist too, since they show up or call only when it suits them, nobody else.

I also know someone who is or can be a narcisitic drain. Life is all about them. They know that nobody else matters, why don't the rest of us get that? What is there to understand? It's all about ME? As long as you play along- life is good. Utter something of importance that happened to you? Well who has time to deal with such insignificant, matters and such piddly things anyways?  Really now, dahling.

How do you deal with people like this? Well starting with an arms distance is good. Futher is better in some cases... But for some reason, some of us keep them around and can offer no real reason as to why?  Some don't like confrontation, others there is just some kind of draw. I guess we all have our own reasons, but is it really a good thing to have them around? If they were an object would you kick it to the curb? Probably!