Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decisions, decisions

I have recently been complimented.  Someone I know who holds a substantial bit of authority over me, complimented me by saying I have knowledge that far exceeds theirs in a different category.  Essentially- they said I know my stuff.  How awesome is that?

I was also granted insight into their world as to events and happenings, things others are not aware of.  A kingdom is being built and they will be assuming their rightful position at the throne.  This is all because of their hard work, dedication and interest as well as their passion for something they love.

Where do I fall in all of this? I have been invited to participate. They are hoping to learn, want me to share my knowledge and spread what I know to others... It is all for the good of those who are willing to learn.   Good news, right? Well that's where the hard part comes in.

I am still on the fence with this. It is all sorta in the final stages, but nothing is dead certain yet.  Even when it is- those in charge say go, paperwork is signed and the blood-ink is dry...  where am I in all of this? I am but a small part.  After all, I am a Pixie.  I guess for now, I have to wait and see. How are the chips going to fall and where will they land?   

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad Pixie? Yep, that's me!

I have recently found a website that is authored by a woman who is dealing with how her life has been changed following her husbands traumatic brain injury. In reading through her notations of his behavior, outbursts, threats, and several other issues she has come to deal with as they present themselves, I can't help but notice the profound number of similarities between her husband and someone I know very well.

The one major difference is the timing of the occurrance of the brain injury. Her husband behaves this way as a result of his brain injury. The person I know behaves the way they do and may recieve a brain injury (think frying pan to the head) as a result. Although I would never do it, believe me, some days it is mighty tempting...

A good friend of mine shared a bit of medical insight on all of this.

"Post concusion syndrome or low grade brain injuruies do have a profound impact on personality, and are very often missed when the injury involves no LOC or very short LOC (loss of conciousness). Inrease in irritability, poor boundaries, "flash rages", poor concept of time and time mangement, increased fatigue, depression, loss of focus, motivation, on and on and on....

That said, if others have been enabling them throughout their entire life and there has been no marked changes following an accident or inciting event, the prognosis is that they could just be an asshole!"

Sounds reasonable enough....

In speaking to the Good Pastor of a distant parish about this person, their advice at first was to forgive them. Sorry to disappoint, but I am not exactly that kind of Pixie. I have however, taken up praying (or at least spells and chanting) for a positive change in them. That I can do!

I have essentially thrown in the towel, tossed them back into the lap of the Higher Power that created us all and said "Here you go! You created this mess, you clean it up." Besides, who better for the job, right?

From there, the Good Pastor's advice was to "Live your life, enjoy everything you can and essentially 'kill them with kindness'."

Me being the bad Pixie that I am, I had to remind the Good Pastor that if I were to kill them with kindness- I would still need somewhere to hide the body!

Any reccommendations?

Just kidding.
No, Really!
The only vegetables in my garden are leafy and green.
I swear it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uncharted Worlds

Most of us can easily say we know someone close to us, well enough that not much they do or say surprises us. We know what they like or don't, what their favorite color is or not. Sometimes we do, but sometimes we don't.

What happens then? When the person we think we know so well, comes out of left field with a bombshell that rocks our world... Did we even see it coming? Did we ignore the signs along the way of what was to come?

Sometimes we just miss all the marks of what makes people tick. We ignore what may be something significant to them, only to miss out on all of the additional things it brings with it. Whether we chose to ignore the obvious or just missed it along the way, we do not get to explore that part of their world and what it brings. Often times, you miss it once and the door is closed for good. Sometimes you may get a second chance, but often you don't.

We may not realize the depths of their thoughts, the strength in their convictions, their gifts or talents for what they are worth or the passion they put into the people or things they truly love. Sometimes we have an idea about them, but pass it off or take it for granted. We keep our head down, go through life with blinders on and on the day of the bombshell blast- wonder what happened and how we didn't see it coming?

For some people it takes a bombshell blast for them to realize what they have, what they have missed and how they need to change. When they change, they find gifts and treasures untold. Life takes a turn and the outcome is simply amazing.

For others- they still don't get it, never have, never will. It's something you have made up, something you believe in with no substantial evidence or proof otherwise... It's all your fault. They are great at throwing out the victim card, blaming others and never taking responsibility.

In the end it is their loss. They will never know what they might have had, how good things could have been or how their own behavior has affected the final outcome. "Poor, poor me!" is their mantra in life. Good for them. Let them keep telling themselves that. You have far better things in life to do.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Fear of Friday the 13th. For some people this is their reality. Lucky for them there is only one Friday the 13th this year. Next year there will be more...

There are just about as many ideas or "reasons" behind Friday the 13th being "bad" as there are people putting thought into it. It is only by facing your fears, that you may get over them. Celebrate this day as you would any other. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Just don't walk under any ladders, watch out for black cats, don't break any mirrors, and don't spill the salt. Mkay?